Large main wire.
Circular metal braces on the molars.
Braces bonded to the front teeth.
Bumper Sleeve
Soft, colored tube placed on the side of an archwire to protect the cheek.
Doughnuts (Ties)
Small colored rubber rings that hold the archwire to the bracket.
Tiny rubber bands that move your teeth in a way that braces alone cannot.
An appliance with a trap that fits around your head creating pressure that helps to straighten teeth.
Headgear Tubes
Tubes located on the upper back molars that hold the headgear in place.
Palatal Expander
An appliance that fits in the roof of the mouth and expands the palate.
Power Chain
Colored elastic ties connected in a chain.
Metal springs that help open or close spaces between teeth.
Wire Ties
Fine wires which secure the archwire to the brackets.