Do you want to improve your smile? Las Vegas braces can help! At Simister and Leaver Orthodontics, we offer a variety of treatments suitable for different age groups – including adults.

If you want to fix several dental issues, Las Vegas braces can help. Dental problems such as crowding, over-spacing or an overbite can be corrected by using braces and giving you the smile you have always wanted.

There are many benefits to having Las Vegas braces. Most adult patients are anxious about being treated because of the look of traditional metal braces. That is why at Simister and Leaver Orthodontics, we offer less-visible clear braces, which will not be as noticeable as traditional metal braces.

You might ask, are you too old for braces? Not. Las Vegas braces have no age limit. There are a growing number of adult patients getting orthodontic treatment all over the country. There are many benefits to getting orthodontic treatment. Getting a beautiful new smile is just the beginning. You do not need to be embarrassed by your smile any longer. You can move forward professionally and have the confidence  to go after your dreams. Your personal life will improve. Also, having straight teeth makes it easier to clean. Having straighter teeth leads results to having healthier dental health.

Braces are not just for children anymore. If you have healthy teeth and gums, along with a healthy bone structure, tooth alignment can be changed at any time. Rest assured that we would take care of all your orthodontic needs. Our doctors are highly dedicated to making sure that your treatment will be comfortable. At Simister and Leaver Orthodontics, we ensure that all our patients are given prompt, courteous services from our knowledgeable orthodontic professionals.

At Simister and Leaver Orthodontics, we offer the following types of braces:

* Metal braces

* Clear or ceramic braces

* Invisalign

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Did you know that by having braces you are not only improving your smile but also improving your overall health as well. If you want to perfect your smile, visit us at Simister and Leaver Orthodontics. We offer our patients a variety of orthodontic treatments that would cater to their individual needs. Simister Orthodontics is also equipped with state of the art dental technology to ensure that all our patients get the most advanced treatment available. Ensuring that our patients are receiving optimum results from their treatments in the most efficient way possible.

If you want to smile with confidence, get Las Vegas braces from Simister and Leaver Orthodontics. Whether you are considering traditional metal braces for faster treatment or clear braces that ensures less visibility of braces during treatment, choose Simister Orthodontics. Offering the most affordable braces, the highest quality Invisalign service, the most custom treatment plans, and the perfect smile that lasts a lifetime. Dr. Simister and Dr. Leaver are the favored orthodontists Las Vegas has to offer. They have the training and experience that will make sure you get the smile you always wanted.

If you want more information about Las Vegas braces, including the different braces and treatment options, contact Simister and Leaver Orthodontics today. Call us at 702.735.4169.

Photo by Dr. Alper, DMD, Cosmetic Dentist

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