At Simister and Leaver Orthodontics, we highly advise you to brush after every meal using a toothbrush with gentle bristles and fluoride toothpaste. To suppress the increase in the number of bacteria in the mouth, we also recommend that you remove any food debris that may be stuck between the teeth or in the braces. For added measure, we may prescribe fluoride mouthwash for you to use; an antiseptic mouthwash can get to areas in the mouth where your toothbrush can’t reach. Caring for your braces doesn’t take a lot of time and attention, but it does take some– make it a priority, and keep that smile bright.

The wires, rubber bands and springs attached to your orthodontic braces can gather food debris and attract bacteria. Over time, it will contribute to the formation of plaque on teeth if you fail to brush and floss regularly.

Wondering how to effectively brush or floss your teeth with braces? Here are a couple of tips to do that. Let’s start off with flossing.

Flossing with Braces

Caring for Braces
Threading floss through braces

To start off, feed one end of the dental floss and pass it through the space between the arch wire and the upper portion of the tooth that’s nearest to the gums.
By gently employing a sawing, back-and-forth motion, you can put off any debris that’s lodged between the teeth or in the area restricted by the braces. Try not to use excess force during this motion especially when near the main arch wire.

Brushing tends to be less technical and more on using gentle motion. With a regular toothbrush having soft bristles with fluoride toothpaste, employ a top-to-bottom motion, gently stroking on each tooth. Repeat this process until all the teeth have been brushed.

Be Careful What You Eat

If you’re wearing braces, there tend to be certain limitations on your diet. As much as possible, stick with food items that are soft or easily chewed. Whenever possible, try to cut them into smaller pieces before putting them into your mouth.

Food that is hard to bite, like apples, can loosen or damage your braces. Chewy items like caramels should also be avoided. You might want to avoid corn on the cob, hard pretzels, and nuts too. Do you have a habit of chewing bubble gum? While you are caring for your braces, you might want to put that away in the meantime.

Retainer Precautions and Avoiding Injuries

If you’re wearing retainers, you can remove them to clean them. At least once a week, take them out and disinfect your retainers with denture cleansers. You can do this as you brush your teeth.

When playing contact sports, there is always the possibility of being hit in the mouth. To avoid causing damage to your braces or retainers, we highly recommend wearing a specially designed mouth guard.

Should the brackets, wires, or rubber bands in your braces become loose or broken, please get in touch with us. Our highly experienced orthodontist can fix the problem. For severe oral injury, we advise you to call for emergency help right away.

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