Are you tired of having crooked teeth? For orthodontic solutions that meet your unique needs, speak with the top Las Vegas Invisalign, metal braces providers and highly experienced specialists at Simister Orthodontics. They offer the latest techniques, personalized treatment plans, and top-notch orthodontic care using state-of-the-art equipment to give you the perfect smile that will last a lifetime.

Translucent or Metal Braces vs Invisalign

Led by Dr. Douglas K. Simister and Dr. Robert Leaver, this orthodontic practice is focused on changing lives for the better, one smile at a time. Simister Orthodontics offers the most affordable braces and the highest quality of Invisalign products and services. For truly comprehensive orthodontic solutions and beautiful smiles, let them take care of all your smile-straightening needs. You can trust them to give you the smile you’ve always wanted.

To ensure the highest standards of orthodontic care, Simister Orthodontics offers nothing but the best. To this end, they offer multi-phase treatment solutions as well as top-rate braces and Invisalign. Whether you’re interested in metal braces or Invisalign, speak with Dr. Simister and Dr. Leaver for the best care. If you’re not sure what you want, they’ll help educate you on the differences.

Are you a good candidate for Invisalign or for braces? Are you wondering which orthodontic option works best for you? Please read on.

Metal Braces

Braces can dramatically enhance your smile’s appearance and your self-confidence. These dental fixtures can also improve the health of your teeth and gums. If you want to straighten your crooked or misaligned teeth, braces are an excellent orthodontic solution.

With today’s latest innovations and state-of-the-art developments, new techniques and appliances have emerged that can greatly reduce the levels of discomfort among patients who opted for braces. In addition, braces are now utilized as a remedy for overbite problems, TMJ pain, and many more. What’s more, today’s orthodontic treatment and braces offer shorter treatment time, less downtime, and faster recovery. From metal to translucent braces, there are a lot of options to choose from.


A healthy, gorgeous smile is within your reach. At Simister and Leaver Orthodontics, they deliver innovative smile-straightening techniques to deliver the best of today’s cosmetic dentistry has to offer so you can have stunningly splendid smile. Enhance the look and feel of your smile with Invisalign.

Invisalign is an excellent alternative to traditional braces. Made of state-of-the-art technology, Invisalign is equally effective as braces when it comes to straightening teeth. What’s more, they’re removable, very comfortable, and virtually invisible. You can eat, brush, or floss with it.

While braces make use of wires and brackets to align teeth, Invisalign employs a series of custom-made trays, which are periodically adjusted to achieve the ideal alignment and straightening of teeth. When you want an aesthetic flair and unparalleled comfort, look to the leading Las Vegas Invisalign provider, look to Simister and Leaver Orthodontics.

It’s not too late to start improving your smile. If you’re thinking of getting braces in Las Vegas, speak with the orthodontists at Simister and Leaver Orthodontics about your orthodontic needs. They can determine the best possible treatment solutions to give you a beautiful, straight smile.

Which orthodontic solution will you choose? Get an expert opinion from Dr. Simister and Dr. Leaver about your options. Call 702.735.4169 to arrange an appointment with them.

braces vs invisalign by Simister and Leaver Orthodontics

Photo by Dr. Alper, DMD, Cosmetic Dentist

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