What Is a Rapid Palatal Expander?

Marketers weren’t involved in the naming conventions of dental terms. If they had worked their magic, many of the words a dentist uses wouldn’t cause concern. It’s unfortunate so many useful devices and procedures have stigmas stemming from their names. Once customers learn how important these things are to dental care, any worry vanishes. A Read More

An Orthodontist Specialist in Las Vegas

Your oral health shouldn’t be taken for granted. If you feel there’s something wrong with your teeth or jaw, you need to seek oral health care as soon as possible. But here’s the pickle: when do you go to the dentist as distinguished from going to the orthodontist? Under what circumstances should you choose an Read More

Proper Care for Braces

Photo by colink. If you want to avoid tooth decay or gum problems, your priority should be oral hygiene. Keeping up with the habits of brushing and flossing your teeth are crucial to maintaining the health of your teeth and gums. You also need to rinse with an oral antiseptic too if you want to Read More

Cleaning Invisalign

Are you wearing Invisalign aligners? How long has it been since you started using them? You’ve probably noticed that they have accumulated some of the same debris, tartar, and plaque as your teeth. This is completely normal, as you expose your aligners to the same elements inside your mouth. In time, your aligners will show Read More

Caring for your braces

At Simister and Leaver Orthodontics, we highly advise you to brush after every meal using a toothbrush with gentle bristles and fluoride toothpaste. To suppress the increase in the number of bacteria in the mouth, we also recommend that you remove any food debris that may be stuck between the teeth or in the braces. Read More