Why Choose Simister Orthodontics for Your Before & After?

At Simister Orthodontics, our team loves to show the transformation of our patient’s smiles. For over 40 years, our family friendly orthondontic practice has been creating straight, beautiful smiles for each of our patients.

Take a look at some of these before and after shots to see for yourself the incredible results of our past patients treatments below. Look at their inspiring journey to a beautiful smile, and contact us to create one of your own.


When To Get Started?

As a family orthodontist, we suggest a screening at age 7. This is the optimal time since the first molars have started to erupt and there is a back bite. The earlier an orthodontist can start work on a smile, typically the better the results.
This does not mean that adults cannot enjoy a straighter, more beautiful smile. Adults that come to Simister Orthodontics have found joy in trying some of our alternatives to traditional braces; systems like invisalign give adults the option for straighter teeth, without having to worry about visible brackets.

Our Las Vegas orthodontist uses a variety of orthodontic treatments that suits each patient’s individual needs. Come visit us at our office and find the right treatment path to your beautiful smile.